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All your coins in one simple interface.

  • Easily track the profit/loss of all your crypto currencies in USD, EUR, BTC, and ETH.
  • Create multiple portfolios for difference purposes (Public, Private, etc.).
  • Import your crypto holdings/trades from multiple different places, such as: Different Exchanges, APIs, and Public Etherum Addresses.
  • Share your public portfolio with anyone you choose (community, friends, etc.).
  • Join the community and express yourself (general crypto things, coins you believe in, etc.).
  • Access PegaTrade website from all different devices (PC, tablet, mobile).
  • PegaTrade is being actively developed. Many more features coming soon.

What is PegaTrade?

PegaTrade is a crypto currency portfolio manager with several unique features. You'll be able to add or import all of your trades from other exchanges (such as BitTrex, GDax, Binance, etc.) using both API and CSV files. You'll also be able to import your holdings using just your public ethereum address. Once everything is imported, PegaTrade shows you your Profit/Loss in the selected currencies (USD, EUR, BTC, ETH). Not only that, you can now also share this portfolio with anyone you choose to.

PegaTrade also has a community and Market Research feature. Using one of these features, you may be able to get ideas on what coins to invest in next. On top of that, we also show our own live portfolio. That way, you can see what coins we’re holding and you can decide if you may be interested in them as well.

PegaTrade has big dreams moving forward, in not only making it extremely simple to manage your cryptocurrencies, but also implementing many other requested features that make crypto related tasks easier.


Track all portfolio

Get a clear view of all your coins and how they are performing (Profit/Loss). You can also create multiple portfolios, thus keeping your coins organized, and having an easy to remember structure. PegaTrade is a much more advanced and simpler way to track your crypto assets than the current ways, such as spreadsheets or platforms where you have to import trades manually.

Import/Sync trades

You can import your trades from all different places, such as Exchanges, APIs, and Public Ethereum Addresses. This saves the hassle of having to manually enter in your trades after placing an order on an exchange. API Syncing will keep your trades up to date with click of a button (or automatically, once we implement it). CSV Import also lets you import years of trade history.

Share your portfolio

You can share your portfolios with the community or friends. Easily show them what coins you are holding, and how they are performing.

Join Community

Join the enthusiastic crypto community, and post your own thoughts regarding the market or coins that you believe in.

Market Research/View our holding

The community and research platform help in finding the next coin you may be interested in. We also share our portfolio live for educational purposes.

Mobile-First Website

PegaTrade website was designed to be Mobile-First. This means until we create our mobile platform, you can get a similar experience by visiting the website on your mobile.

No advertisements

There are no annoying advertisements on PegaTrade. We are focused on having a simple and clear interface without nagging ads and popups.

Constantly Improved

PegaTrade is still in its early phase and is actively being developed. Improvements and new features are constantly being added.

Support/Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us at any time. We would also love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have for PegaTrade. If you have not done so yet, please take a look at our Demo to see how it works. You may also take a look at our portfolio to see what coins we are holding.

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